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Katacoda is now part of the O’Reilly family. We’re working to make interactive learning a smarter training tool.

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Use Case Driven Scenarios

Dedicated training environments

Ensure the best experience for attendees with dedicated training environments, customised to the topics covered.

Live Metrics & Insights

Automated and Repeatable

There's no environment or setup configuration required, which could save precious hours at the start of every workshop.

Documentation as a Service

Classroom progress and metrics

Identify how materials are being completed and the pace of completion with real-time metrics on the classroom's activities.

Customised Design

A consistent learning experience

Create a branded and integrated platform allowing users to feel confident within a trusted environment

Used by Instructors Around the World To Power Their Workshops


Katacoda for Trainers enables instructors to deliver the best workshop and training session possible. Katacoda has created a dedicated platform that combines the Interactive experience of Katacoda on-demand with the tooling required by instructors.

The platform saves hours before workshops by removing the setup and configuration required to ensure the content and environments are ready for students.

During the workshop, students get started instantly, no matter of machine configuration, internet bandwidth or spending time understanding prerequisites. Instead, they immediately begin learning and gaining value from the workshop.


Katacoda for Trainers enables repeatability of workshops and training sessions. With repeatability, workshops can be held more frequently and delivered by different instructors due to lower setup overheads, automated environment creation and having lab environments accessible via the browser.

The Katacoda for Trainers dashboard schedules the desired environments, and learning pathway to be delivered for the expected number of attendees. All the environments will be automatically provisioned ahead of time, before shutting down at the end. This reduces the cost and pressure of workshop delivery.


During the workshop, the Katacoda for Trainers dashboard provides insights and visibility into how students are progressing in real-time. The dashboard allows instructors to adapt the pace of the workshop and identify if additional support is required.

If students run into issues, the dashboard allows environments to be refreshed, or removed to help them get back on track. If more attendees arrive, the dashboard enables further environments to be made available.

Afterwards, the workshop events can be reviewed to identify potential improvements to enable continuous improvements to the content.

Branded & Unique Experiences

Go the extra step with by creating a branded experience, ensuring the delivery is consistent with event promotion. Each workshop can be delivered using an existing, or newly defined learning pathway, allowing the content to be repurposed and adapted on a workshop-by-workshop basis. This enables workshops to be quickly updated and adapted based on the needs of the class.

By using unique URLs, attendees gain a unique experience for each workshop based on their needs without any additional overhead for the organisers.

Training made smarter with interactive learning

Katacoda for Trainers at Progressive.NET London 2018