Difficulty: Advanced
Estimated Time: 20-45 minutes

Setting up and Administering local Bamboo and Crucible server

By the end of this tutorial one should be familiar with the following concepts:

  • Bamboo

    • Installing and configuring Bamboo
    • Administering Bamboo server
    • Using Bamboo as a CI Server
  • Crucible & FishEye

    • Installing and configuring Crucible
    • Adminstering Crucible and FishEye instances
    • Reviewing code with Crucible and FishEye

Getting Started with Bamboo and Crucible/FishEye

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Introduction to Bamboo

Bamboo is a Continuous Integration server hosted on premise that enables one to build, test and deploy software on production servers.

Bamboo CI Server workflow

The Bamboo workflow consists of projects , plans and jobs .