Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 40 minutes


Tekton is a cloud native continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) solution. It allows developers to build, test, and deploy across cloud providers and on-premises systems.

In this scenario, you will learn about Tekton tasks, the basic building block of CI/CD pipelines in Tekton. More specifically, you will use a Tekton task to check if an app can connect to a remote server; this task will download the source code from GitHub, spin up a mock server, and run tests against it.

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Using Tekton Tasks

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Katacoda is now starting your experimental Kubernetes cluster and configuring Tekton. It may take a few moments to complete.

Check installation progress

Run kubectl cluster-info to check if the Kubernetes cluster has been started. You should see the addresses of your Kubernetes cluster master node and DNS in the output when the initialization completes.

Run kubectl get pods --namespace tekton-pipelines to check if Tekton has been installed. All the components listed in the output should have the status running when the initialization completes.

The environment is now fully functional.

Getting the code

We’ve put everything you need for this scenario in a GitHub repository. To clone this repository, run the following command:

git clone https://github.com/tektoncd/website

Open the directory website/tutorials/katacoda/tasks/src. The directory consists of the following:

  • client/: the client to test in this scenario.
  • server/: the mock server to which the client connects.
  • tekton-katacoda/: Tekton resource specifications you will use in this scenario.