Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

Tekton is a cloud native continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) solution. It allows developers to build, test, and deploy across cloud providers and on-premises systems.

This playground features a pre-configured Kubernetes cluster with two nodes, one configured as the Control Plane node and a second worker node. It also comes with Tekton installed, so that you can experiment, explore, and learn about Tekton as you see fit. The following components are available:

  • Tekton Pipelines
  • Tekton Dashboard
  • Tekton CLI

Additionally, the Kubernetes cluster includes:


If you would like to learn more about Tekton, visit tekton.dev.

For more Tekton interactive tutorials, see tekton.dev/try.

Tekton Playground

Try it out

Please wait while your Tekton playground is starting, this may take a few minutes.

Once it is ready you can check the installed versions: tkn version

Try out some of the examples from the Tekton Pipeline repo.

For example: kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tektoncd/pipeline/main/examples/v1beta1/pipelineruns/output-pipelinerun.yaml

You can track the progress of the PipelineRuns using:

kubectl get pipelineruns

tkn pipelinerun list

or check out the Tekton Dashboard at http://[[HOST_SUBDOMAIN]]-9097-[[KATACODA_HOST]].environments.katacoda.com/