Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 5 minutes

Run any dapp from iExec Dapp Store

DEPRECATED Please follow our SDK V2 tutorial instead DEPRECATED

In this tutorial, you will learn how to submit jobs on dapps listed on the iExec Dapp Store using the iExec SDK.

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Now you know how to submit a work on a dapp from the iExec Dapp Store.

In case you want to submit more complicated arguments than a simple number to the dapp (ie: when using blender for example) you should write them in the iexec.js file, here is an example.

If you want to go beyond submitting a work, and learn how to deploy your own dapp on the iExec platform, go check out the ffmpeg "Craft your own dapp" tutorial.

Finally, to help make the iExec SDK better, go to github give it a star, thanks!


Run a dapp from iExec Dapp Store

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You need to have node.js installed on your machine.

npm -g install iexec

Check iexec version:

iexec --version

Init a basic project

Let's start with the bare minimum to be able to submit any job on any dapp from iExec Dapp Store:

iexec init

Enter the project:

cd iexec-init

setup your wallet

iexec wallet create

iexec wallet getETH

iexec wallet getRLC

iexec account login

iexec wallet show

iexec account allow 5

iexec account show