Markdown Extensions

Katacoda has extended Markdown to simplify the users interaction while completing the scenarios and encounter less mistakes.

Copy to Clipboard

This extension will copy the command or text to the clipboard.


`echo "Copy to Clipboard"`{{copy}}

Results: echo "Copy to Clipboard"

Execute in Terminal

Katacoda has integration to automatically execute the commands for the terminal.

This is done by adding execute to the markdown code block, for example:

`echo "Run in Terminal"`{{execute}}

This creates: echo "Run in Terminal"


When the user has long running commands, such as a watch, it can be useful to ensure that this is stopped but the user runs the next command.

`echo "Send Ctrl+C before running Terminal"`{{execute interrupt}}

echo "Send Ctrl+C before running Terminal"

Keyboard Icons

This can also be helped by using Keyboard symbols to show users to use Ctrl+C

The Markdown is:


Execute on different hosts

When using the terminal-terminal layout and multiple hosts within the cluster, you can have commands executed on which host is required. This is used within our Kubernetes scenarios.

`echo "Run in Terminal Host 1"`{{execute HOST1}}

`echo "Run in Terminal Host 2"`{{execute HOST2}}

echo "Run in Terminal Host 1"

echo "Run in Terminal Host 2"

Execute in different Terminal windows

When explaining complex systems, it can be useful to run commands in a separate terminal window. This can be run automatically by including the target Terminal number.

If the terminal is not open, it will launch and the command will be executed.

`echo "Run in Terminal 1"`{{execute T1}}

`echo "Open and Execute in Terminal 2"`{{execute T2}}

echo "Run in Terminal 1"

echo "Open and Execute in Terminal 2"

Terminal Host 2