Difficulty: intermediate
Estimated Time: 15 minutes

This scenario will guide you in preparing your OCI Tenancy for the REAL OCI Katacoda handson labs. The assumption is that you are the administrator of the tenancy - either a fresh or preexisting cloud trial or a "regular" OCI tenancy.

Note: step 1 provides some hints for getting a free trial on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in case you do not yet have a tenancy. If you do have access to an OCI instance, then you skip step 1 and go to step 2.

The fully prepared handson environment will live in a single compartment called lab-compartment. This compartment contains:

  • an API Gateway
  • a Stream
  • a Dynamic Group
  • a VCN with subnets and an Internet Gateway
  • a Tag Namespace

During the labs, you will create additional OCI resources, neatly organized in the lab-compartment.

It is assumed that you do the handson scenarios as an administrator for the tenancy. This means that you do not need to create a user, groups nor policies.


This completes the scenario for preparing the OCI Tenancy for running the REAL OCI Katacoda Scenarios.

The tenancy now has the lab-compartment and a small number of resources. Some policies have been defined to allow services to operate inside the compartment.

You should have local copies on your laptop of the files config and oci_api_key.pem.

You and your tenancy are all set for the first real scenario.

Preparation for REAL OCI scenarios

Step 1 of 4

Step 1 - Get hold of an OCI Tenancy

Free Oracle Cloud Trial or existing regular OCI Tenancy

The Katacoda workshop scenarios on OCI require an OCI environment to be prepared. This environment is set up in an OCI Tenancy. This can be an existing, paid for OCI Tenancy, or a Tenancy created as a Free Trial.

If you have an OCI tenancy at your disposal, please go the next step in this scenario. However, if you do not currently have access to an OCI Tenancy, you can have an environment provisioned for you as part of a 30-day free trial.

You will need the following:

  • an email address
  • a mobile phone to receive a confirmation code per SMS
  • a credit card (the trial really is free, but you need to record payment details all the same)

Then goto https://www.oracle.com/cloud/free/ and click on Start for free to sign up for a free trial.

You will define a cloudaccount (name of the tenancy), your username and a password. You also need to select a Region; this could be one close to you (for lowest network latency) or one that has the services available you want to look at. For the workshop scenarios on Katacoda, the safest bet is to go with region Ashburn (US East). All scenarios have been tested on that region, some of code snippets have to be adjusted for any other region, this region is eligible for the always free tier and this region seems to be first in the roll out of new OCI services.

Once you have acquired the cloud trial and the tenancy has been provisioned, you will receive an email, inviting you to sign in to your account, change your temporary password and then you can continue with the next steps in this scenario.