Fast Track Istio

By Rahul Rai

Explore the features of Istio by strategically deploying a simple microservices application to a Kubernetes cluster.

1. Installing Istio

Learn to install Istio on Kubernetes cluster.

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2. Deploying Services

Learn to deploy existing and new services to Istio.

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3. All on Board

Deploy the services of the Book Club application to the mesh.

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4. Patterns: Versioning, Fault Injection, & Canary Releases

Learn to implement microservices traffic management patterns.

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5. Patterns: Resilience & Mirroring

Learn to implement some more microservices traffic management patterns.

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6. Service Discovery

Bring services outside the cluster to the service mesh.

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7. Security

Secure the services running on the Istio service mesh.

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8. Observability

Monitor services on your mesh in real-time with visualization tools.

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