Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

In this tutorial, we will install Ansible and Ansible-Conjur roles for secret retrieval to establish SSH connections

Wonderful! You've learnt how to install Ansible & Ansible-Conjur role for retreiving secrets from Conjur

Using Conjur to secure SSH secrets for Ansible

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Setup Accounts

Create accounts

Let's create an account on host 1

useradd -m -d /tmp service01
passwd service01

Enter new UNIX password: W/4m=cS6QSZSc*nd

Retype new UNIX password: W/4m=cS6QSZSc*nd

Let's create a service account on host 2

useradd -m -d /tmp service02
passwd service02

Enter new UNIX password: 5;LF+J4Rfqds:DZ8

Retype new UNIX password: 5;LF+J4Rfqds:DZ8

Terminal Host 2