Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 15 minutes

IMPORTANT: You need to do the steps in sequence in order for the state of the lesson's learning environment to be consistent. Otherwise, you'll get behaviors that might be confusing.


The objective of this scenario is to demonstrate how to get the gRPC API Simple Service and client CLI tool up and running. Then you'll execute the procedures defined in the demonstration API using the client CLI tool.

Scenario Contents

Here's a listing of the steps you'll take in the scenario.

Step 1 - Install the gRPC server code

Step 2 - Start the gRPC server

Step 3 - Install the gRPC client CLI code

Step 4 - Run the CLI client tests

Step 5 - Exercise request/response interactions

Step 6 - Exercise a unidirectional stream

Step 7 - Exercise bidirectional streaming

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Getting the Source Code from GitHub

You can view the source code for the gRPC server and tests you'll run against the server can be found on GitHub, here.

You've crossed the finish line!

In this scenario you learned:

  • How to download the Simple Service API code
  • Install the code and get it up and running
  • Use the Simple Service CLI Tool to exercise the procedures in the Simple Service gRPC API

Understanding a Simple gRPC API

Step 1 of 7

Install the gRPC server code


The objective of this lesson is to demonstrate how to download the code for the gRPC Simple Service API and CLI tool from GitHub and get the Simple Service API gRPC server installed


Step 1: Download the code from GitHub:

git clone https://github.com/programmableweb/simple-node-grpc.git

Step 2: Navigate to the source code folder

cd simple-node-grpc/1.0.1/server

Step 3: Install the dependencies

npm install