Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Time: 2 hours

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Kubernetes Goat is designed to be intentionally vulnerable cluster environment to learn and practice Kubernetes security.

Github : https://github.com/madhuakula/kubernetes-goat

Guide : https://madhuakula.com/kubernetes-goat

Thank You

I hope you learned something by trying out Kubernetes Goat. I would love to hear your feedback/suggestions/ideas. Feel free to tweet to me @madhuakula or create an Issue/PR at Github

Kubernetes Goat

Welcome to Kubernetes Goat 🎉

  • Ensure the Kubernetes cluster is running


  • Change to the Kubernetes Goat directory

cd kubernetes-goat

  • Setup the Kubernetes Goat

bash setup-kubernetes-goat.sh

  • Ensure all the pods are in running state, else wait for some time and run the below command again

kubectl get pods

Only run the below command when the pods are in running state. Else keep running the above command to see the pods status.

  • Start the Kubernetes Goat access

bash access-kubernetes-goat.sh

Click on the Kubernetes Goat Home tab to get start with the lab

Read more about the Kubernetes Goat guide at https://madhuakula.com/kubernetes-goat

Kubernetes Goat
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