Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Time: 2 hours

Understand How Docker with Distroless Works in 20 Minutes

Learn to use Docker to build a Spring App Docker image by using Distroless image and run it as a Docker instance.

In 20 minutes, you'll use Docker to build, run, monitor, destroy Spring App server Docker instance.

Let's get started!


You've learned Basic Docker by completing the following steps:

  • Build the Docker image with Dockerfile
  • Run the Docker Image with Distroless image as an Docker instance
  • Push the Docker Image to Docker Hub
  • Logging & Remove Docker Instances & Docker Images

If you would like to dive in deeper please take a look at the Docker documentation at link.

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Docker Distroless Image

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Step 1

When you started this tutorial the Docker was already started for you. The initialization process takes a few second as it retrieves any necessary dependencies and few data into current directory.

List all files from current directory in your terminal


Run this command to build a images named spring-distroless-app

docker build -t spring-distroless-app .

Display the Docker image named spring-distroless-app

docker images | grep spring-distroless-app

Now that Docker image is ready. Please continue to the next step.