Kubernetes Fundamentals

By Cloud Native Learning

Learn the fundamental building blocks of Kubernetes with hands-on explanations.


Introduction to Minikube as a simple Kubernetes cluster.

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First App

Run your first application on Kubernetes.

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Kubernetes API

Discover the API through which you can control all Kubernetes objects.

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Health Checks with Probes

Explore the importance and difference between the 3 probe types for Pods.

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Sidecar Containers

Two containers in a Pod can share data through a shared mount.

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Explore the Jobs resource and how the pattern can be applied.

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ConfigMaps and Secrets

Explore Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secrets.

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Volumes and Mounts

An outward look at the file systems and volumes available to your app.

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Pod Presets

Separating concerns by injecting Pod Preset fields into matching Pods.

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