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Katacoda is now part of the O'Reilly family. Learn how you can offer live product demonstrations or enhanced documentation right from any web page with O'Reilly interactive showcase powered by Katacoda.

How O'Reilly Interactive Showcase Works

This is an example of embedding an interactive showcase scenario into an external page. The scenario has been created using the Katacoda Editor and includes a step-by-step guide that walks users through a real-world use case.

<script src="//katacoda.com/embed.js"></script>
<div id="katacoda-scenario-1"
    style="height: 600px; padding-top: 20px;"></div>

Increasing Adoption for Companies

Increase sales and enhance your training process with a specialized platform for educating software developers.

Customised Design

Embed Directly into Your Website

Create a consistent look and feel by embedding O’Reilly interactive showcase directly into any web page or your existing documentation.

Use Case Driven Scenarios

Use Case-Driven Scenarios

Use step-by-step scenarios to highlight how users can solve real-world problems and see the results in action.

Live Metrics & Insights

Live Metrics and Insights

Learn how users are engaging with your product and uncover innovative uses and potential improvements.

Documentation as a Service

Documentation as a Service

Work with us to build optimized learning environments and interactive scenarios.


How Is O'Reilly Interactive Showcase Being Used?

Improving developer learning and advocacy

Sales and Lead Generation

Sales and Lead Generation

Offer on-demand product demonstrations through preconfigured environments right on your website so users can experiment and quickly familiarize themselves with your product without any setup.

Test-Drives and Product Education

Test-Drives and Product Education

Allow users to test-drive your product right from their browser with step-by-step guidance so they'll know exactly what to try and are able to easily share knowledge within their company.

Stay up-to-date

Training and Workshops

Make hosted preconfigured environments a central part of any training, workshop, or conference presentation to improve the learning experience and maximize your time.

Learn Docker, Kubernetes, DC/OS using Labs

Try our interactive examples on the scenario examples page.

Showcase your product.

See how O’Reilly interactive showcase can help increase engagement with your product.

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Create interactive demos for your product