Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Time: 25-35 minutes

Prerequisites: If you haven't already done it, you should study first these examples which are closely related:

In Mounted DVC Storage we saw how to share data through a DVC storage that is located on a NAS:

In this case we have at least three copies of each data file: one on the first client, one on the NAS, and one on the second client. Using deduplicating filesystems cannot optimize this situation because deduplication does not work across filesystem boundaries.

However in this case we can use another optimization trick: we can locate the DVC cache of the project on the NAS, and we can configure the different user projects to use the same DVC cache. We should also configure each project to use symlinks so that there is only one copy of the data (on the NAS partition) and it is linked from each project.

In this example we will see how to share data with the help of a DVC cache directory that is mounted through SSHFS. We are using it just as an example, since SSHFS is easy to be used for an interactive tutorial, however once you understand how it works, it should be easy to implement it for other types of mounted storages (like NFS, Samba, etc.).

Mounted DVC Cache

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Step 1


The setup of this example is similar to that of using a SSH server for data sharing.

  1. Setup of the server:

    play setup-server.sh

  2. Click on this command to switch to the first user on another terminal tab: su - first-user

    Then run the setup commands:

    play setup-first-user.sh

  3. Click on this command to switch to the second user on another terminal tab: su - second-user

    Then run the setup commands:

    play setup-second-user.sh