Verified Steps

Note, this feature is in alpha. Please provide feedback on what you would like to see.

Verified steps forces users to put the environment into a desired state before they can proceed.

If the script/command is successful and the user can proceed the script should output the text done.


Example verifies that the .git directory exists before the user can proceed. Used in

[ -d /home/scrapbook/tutorial/.git ] && echo "done"

Example verifies that at least one Redis container has been created. Used in

(( $(docker ps -a | grep redis 2>/dev/null | wc -l) >= 1 )) && echo \"done\"


Every step in the index.json file can have a verified step attached. This is done by defining the filename containing the verify script.

"steps": [ {
  "title": "Step 1",
  "text": "",
  "verify": ""

Using the Katacoda Editor, add a new verify step containing the script to execute.

Additional Information

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