Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Time: 45-60 minutes

pw is a simple command-line password manager that keeps passwords inside a gpg encrypted tgz archive. The content of the archive is a directory tree with a file for each password entry. The first line of the file is the password, and the rest can optionally be additional or related info. It provides commands for manipulating the passwords, allowing the user to add, remove, edit, generate passwords etc.

Simple CLI Password Manager

Step 1 of 5

Step 1


  1. Get the code of pw:

    git clone https://gitlab.com/dashohoxha/pw

    cd pw/

  2. Build a DEB package and install it:

    cat deb.sh

    hl deb.sh | less -r


    apt install -f ./pw.deb

    pw --version

    Uninstall the DEB package:

    apt remove pw

    apt autoremove

    pw --version

  3. Install from the code:

    hl Makefile | less -r

    sudo make install

    Install dependencies as well:

    apt install \
        bash \
        make \
        gnupg \
        git \
        xclip \
        pwgen \
        tree \
        util-linux \
        ed \
        qrencode \

    pw -v

    Uninstall it:

    sudo make uninstall

    pw -v

  4. Run all the tests on another terminal:

    T2: cd ~/pw/tests/


    ./run.sh t01*

    prove t01*


  5. While the test scripts are running, check the help on the first terminal:

    T1: cd ~/pw/

    sudo make install

    pw --help

    pw version

    pw help | less

    man pw

    info pw