Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Time: 45-60 minutes

Virtual Computer Lab is a desktop server in the cloud that can be accessed from a browser. It provides remote collaboration for the students of a class and their teacher.

Each user can share his desktop with one or more other users and they can work on it collaboratively. The teacher can also use Epoptes to watch what each of the students is doing, to broadcast his screen to all of them, to access the desktop of each of the students for helping them, etc.

We will see how to install a Virtual Computer Lab with docker-scripts. It is made of a LinuxMint container, which can be accessed from a browser with the help of a Guacamole container.

Virtual Computer Lab

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Step 1

Install docker-scripts

The installation is done with the help of docker-scripts so let's install it first:

  1. apt install --yes m4

  2. git clone https://gitlab.com/docker-scripts/ds \
  3. cd /opt/docker-scripts/ds/

  4. make install

  5. cd


    ds -h

    man ds


    info ds