Ubuntu Playground

Katacoda Ubuntu Playground

The purpose of the Katacoda Ubuntu Playground is to provide a safe place to learn and experiment.

VS Code Integration

Katacoda has integrated a full IDE experience built on top of Visual Studio Code.

Weave Scope Integration

Katacoda has integrated Weave Scope, a product to visualise the processes and containers running on top of a host. This provides a visual insight into what's running and how they are connected.

Docker Integration

The Ubuntu environment has Docker installed.

Find out the version with docker version or start containers such as docker run -d redis

You can see the running containers at docker ps or via the Weave Scope integration.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning the latest cloud-native technologies for free, visit www.katacoda.com/learn.

If you are interested in writing your own scenarios and demos, visit www.katacoda.com/teach.