Difficulty: Introduction
Estimated Time: 20 minutes

Nuclio is an open source serverless platform which allows developers to focus on building and running auto-scaling applications without worrying about managing servers.

  • The fastest platform running up to 400,000 function invocations per second
  • Enables simple debugging, regression and a multi-versioned CI/CD pipeline
  • Supports a variety of open or cloud-specific event and data sources with common APIs
  • Is portable across low-power devices, laptops, on-premises and multi-cloud deployments

You will learn how:

  • to install Nuclio on Kubernetes
  • functions are deployed and removed
  • functions are named, exposed, and invoked
  • functions are listed, inspected and monitored

More about the Nuclio architecture is described in the Nuclio documentation.

Nuclio is a new serverless project, derived from Iguazio's elastic data life-cycle management service for high-performance events and data processing. One of the many emerging serverless solutions for Kubernetes.

Lessons Learned

With these steps you have learned:

  • ✔ how to install Nuclio on Kubernetes,
  • ✔ how functions are deployed and removed,
  • ✔ how functions are named, exposed, and invoked,
  • ✔ how functions are listed, inspected and monitored.


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Your Kubernetes Cluster

For this scenario, Katacoda has just started a fresh Kubernetes cluster for you. Verify it's ready for your use.

kubectl version --short && \ kubectl get componentstatus && \ kubectl get nodes && \ kubectl cluster-info

The Helm package manager used for installing applications on Kubernetes is also available.

helm version --short

Kubernetes Dashboard

You can administer your cluster with the kubectl CLI tool or use the visual Kubernetes Dashboard. Use this script to access the protected Dashboard.


Kubernetes Dashboard
Nuclio Dashboard