Congratulations! You've successfully deployed a Mesos cluster using minimesos. In the next scenarios we'll cover minimesos in more details.

Launch Cluster

Minimesos enables you to launch a complete Mesos cluster via a single CLI command. Once started you can use the CLI to install frameworks and plugins for experimentation and testing purposes.

Download minimesos CLI

curl -sSL | sh

Launch minimesos Cluster

First create the default settings for the cluster.

minimesos init

Next, use the CLI to launch a cluster.

minimesos up --mapPortsToHost

View Marathon Dashboard

Once started you can view the Marathon dashboard using the following link.


Cluster Info

The CLI provides a way to manage your cluster. To find out details use the command minimesos info.

This can also query the API directly, for example curl -s http://[[HOST_IP]]:5050/state.json | jq ".version"