Learn Docker Security using Interactive Browser-Based Scenarios

By Katacoda

Solve real problems and enhance your skills with browser based hands on labs without any downloads or configuration

Hack ElasticSearch container

Learn how to use application exploits to gain access to a container

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CGroups and Namespaces

Learn how cgroups and namespaces limit what a container can do

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Scan Images for Vulnerabilities with CoreOS Clair

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Introduction to Seccomp

Learn how to use Seccomp to restrict syscalls

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Use No New Privileges flag to restrict additional access

Learn how to restrict applications with correct flags gaining root access

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User Namespaces

Learn how to change root account via user namespaces

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Generate AppArmor profiles using Bane

Learn how Bane can be used to generate AppArmor profiles

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Ignoring Files From Docker Build

Learn how to ignore files being sent to the Docker Build Context or included in an image

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Access .ssh keys during Docker build

Dockito OnVault provides access to .ssh keys without them being stored in the image

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Store Secrets using Hashicorp Vault

Learn how to store and manage secrets using Hashicorp Vault

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Read Vault Secrets from Containers

Learn how to read secrets from Hashicorp Vault from inside Docker Containers using Volume Drivers

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By Sysdig

Container Security Monitoring with Falco

Learn how to use Sysdig Falco to detect anomalous behaviour and create your own container security

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