Learn Docker in Production using Interactive Browser-Based Scenarios

By Katacoda

Solve real problems and enhance your skills with browser based hands on labs without any downloads or configuration

Learn Docker Swarm 101

Learn how to manage clusters using Docker Swarm Mode

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Launch Private Docker Registry

Learn how to launch a private Docker Registry with SSL

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Deploying Weave Net For Multi-host Networking

In this scenario you will learn how to use Weave Net for networking

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Deploying Weave Scope for Container Visualisation

Learn about container visibility & monitoring using Scope

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Store Secrets using Hashicorp Vault

Learn how to store and manage secrets using Hashicorp Vault

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Read Vault Secrets from Containers

Learn how to read secrets from Hashicorp Vault from inside Docker Containers using Volume Drivers

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Start Docker Containers on Boot with Systemd

Use Systemd to manage launching containers

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