Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

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Welcome to the BoxBoat "Kubernetes Training" series. This is Module 1 - Intro to Containers and Docker. In this lab, we will examine the Docker CLI and execute our first container.

You can view the blog and video for Module 1 at the following links:

Kubernetes Training: Module 1 - Docker Basics

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Run Basic Docker Commands

Welcome to Kubernetes Training - Module 1 - Intro to Containers and Docker presented by BoxBoat Technologies.

The next few sections will walk you through some of the basics of Docker. There are many other tools that can provide a deeper dive into Docker and container technologies.

  • This command will display basic Docker version information docker -v

  • This command will display extended information about the version of Docker server and client docker version

  • This command will display system-wide Docker information docker system info

  • To see a list of possible Docker commands run docker