Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 30

Introduction to Kapitan Generators

Kapitan Generators are a quick way to generate files based on a specific instruction.

In the example, we will explore how to generate Kubernetes manifests using the Kapitan Kubernetes Generator.

In this module you will learn:

  • Hot to create a new Kapitan target
  • How to generate a Deployment resource
  • How to expose ports using a Service resource
  • How to add a ConfigMap
  • How to use git to keep track of your changes

Learn more on https://kapitan.dev and keep your ship together


A bug in katacoda prevents this scenario from working correctly if files are open in the editor other than the one being pasted into.

I have reported the bug to Katacoda and waiting on their support.

Introduction to Kapitan Kubernetes Generators

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Getting started

Clone the example repository Let's get started by cloning the Kapitan Reference repository

git clone https://github.com/kapicorp/kapitan-reference.git kapitan-reference && cd kapitan-reference

Run ./kapitan --version to check what version you are running. Check on https://kapitan.dev to see if a new version has been released and to find more documentation.

Run ./kapitan compile to compile all the other examples already present in this repository.

As you can see, this reference repository comes already pre-installed with a good amount of examples, which you can see being compiled by Kapitan

Compiled global (1.68s) Compiled mysql (3.01s) [cut] Compiled sock-shop (5.41s) Compiled prod-sockshop (4.00s) Compiled dev-sockshop (3.52s)