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Katacoda's Interactive Learning Environment

Katacoda enhances your technical sales, training and internal education process

Learn & Discover the latest technologies

Learn & Discover the latest technologies and tooling

Empowering developers to learn the technologies such as Kubernetes, Machine Learning and cloud platforms using self-paced labs

Interactive Sales Environments, Test Drives, Documentation and Sandboxes

Enable Users to Test Drive Your Products Within Seconds

Create consistent branded experiences to showcase your product directly from the browser without any downloads or configuration

Interactive Training and Workshop Platform

Streamline Training and Workshop Delivery

Encourage users to gain a deeper understanding with on-demand and instructor-led training delivered via Katacoda

Support Companies Technology Adoption

Self-Paced Interactive Learning For Your Teams

Share knowledge with customised content and labs to demonstrate internal tooling, patterns and practices

Learn these technologies (with more to come)

Free Courses

Over 250 interactive scenarios helping you solve real problems and learn new skills.

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Learn Cloud-Native Technologies


Docker, Container Runtimes, Builders and Registries

Learn how to use Docker, Podman, Firecracker and other container runtimes.

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Kubernetes Introduction

Get started using Kubernetes

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Extending Kubernetes

Learn how to extend Kubernetes

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Machine Learning

Learn Machine Learning with Tensorflow, Kubernetes and related topics

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Linux & Operating Systems

Learn the foundations of Linux and Bash and how they apply to Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL and CoreOS.

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Learn Continuous Integration and Delivery using Jenkins and related topics

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Orchestration & Application Definition

Learn how to deploy applications using orchestrations like Kubernetes and Nomad and definitions such as Helm and Operators

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Observability & Analysis

Learn how to monitor and obverse with Prometheus, OpenTracing and related tooling

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Service Proxy, Discovery & Mesh

Learn how to use Service Meshes including Istio, Consul, Envoy Proxy and Linkerd

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This set of labs explains how to deploy Weave Network and Weave Scope

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Cloud Native Storage

Learn how to persistent data and how to use products from StorageOS, Portworx and more.

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Cloud Native Security & Compliance

Learn how to secure Cloud Native deployments such as Docker and Kubernetes Security, Secrets Management and Authentication

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Learn how to use Serverless and Function/FaaS Technologies

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Cloud Platforms & Management

Learn how to deploy to Azure and other cloud platforms including tooling such as Terraform

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Infrastructure Automation and Configuration

Learn how to automation configuration of infrastructure with tooling such as Ansible

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CNCF projects

Learn Cloud Native Computing Foundation Landscape using Interactive Browser-Based Scenario

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Latest Courses



Learn how to use Tensorflow for machine learning

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Learn Envoy Proxy

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Programming Languages

Learn new programming languages and skills.

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Learn Programming Languages

Git Version Control

Learn how to be effective with Git version control

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Running .NET in Docker

Learn how to run .NET inside Docker Containers

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Running Java in Docker

Learn how to deploy Java applications inside Containers

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Playgrounds give you a configured environment to start playing and exploring using an unstructured learning approach.

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Most Popular Playgrounds

Visual Studio Code Playground

Visual Studio Code Playground

Full development environment directly in your browser

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Kubernetes Playground

Kubernetes Playground

Experiment with Kubernetes in a safe playground

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Docker Swarm Playground

Docker Swarm Playground

Experiment with Docker Swarm in a safe playground

Explore Playground
Ubuntu Playground

Ubuntu Playground

Experiment with Ubuntu in a safe playground

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How Katacoda Works

Learn via real-world scenarios

Guided Learning Pathway

Guided Path

Knowing what you need to know is the hardest part. Our guided pathways help build your knowledge around real-world scenarios.

Interactive Labs

Learn By Doing

The best way to learn is by doing. All our tutorials are interactive with pre-configured live environments ready for you to use.

Stay up-to-date

Stay Up-To-Date

It's a competitive industry. Your skills need to keep up with the latest approaches. Katacoda keeps your skills up-to-date.

Learn Docker, Kubernetes, DC/OS using Labs

Why Katacoda Exists

Katacoda's aim is to remove the barriers to new technologies and skills.

Katacoda provides a platform to build live interactive demo and training environments. Our environments can be customised to match your applications requirements. The step-by-step guided pathways are designed to ensure the user learns in the best way possible.

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